Complete logistics management solution

Firstbox is a complete solution for logistics and supply chain business. One can effortlessly carry out business to vastly improve its productivity by increasing transparency throughout the business workflow. This application digitally transforms your business architecture and has capability of integrating entire logistics business aspects by automating day to day common tedious task including Order creating, management and shipment tracking, Fleet Management, Finance, User Management and much more.

We make sure that what you want is ready when you want it and everything you need is just a click away. We believe in facilitating movement across these aspects, from innovation, experience to people’s empowerment.

Logistics Management
Shipment Management
Finance Management
Fleet Management
Human Resource Management


Your Digital Logistics Manager

We have solution for your logistics and supply chain business. With out integrated solutions you can effortlessly carry out business as well as multiply your growth. We have full fledged solution consisting of generating and managing orders, inventory, manage your finance, tracking your shipments, reports to get the business status at a glance , fleet management etc.

Why FirstBox?

Manage your business and organisation in a single place.

You can orginise all the business features without any hazzle.

  • Order Management

  • Finance and Accouning

  • Employee Management

  • Fleet Management

Analyze your revenue and streamline existing workflow

Get reports of multiple branches, order information and finincial data. Our reports help you visialize your progress of the business. Generate waybill and invoices on the go. Keep your customers upates on their shipments.

  • Shipments and Finincial reports

  • E-waybill generation

  • Warehouse management